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How to Apply

Application Deadline: December 15
Enrollment in the PhD program occurs each year in the Fall semester.

To be considered for admission to the program, your complete application must be received by the December 15th deadline. Complete applications received after the deadline may not be reviewed. Applicants to this program must meet the following admissions criteria.

Application Fees: $70 Domestic Applicants, $90 International Applicants*

Payment Information: Credit Card

*International applicants

International applicants must submit proof of English proficiency. Learn more about the ASU English proficiency policy. Information and resources regarding the application and admissions process specific to international applicants, please visit


1 Prepare Your Application

Your application for admission will need to include the items listed below. It typically takes applicants several months to complete their applications. Here are some tasks you can begin working on right now to reduce the time it takes to complete your application:

  • Order official transcripts now.
  • Ask prospective recommenders if they will complete a recommendation form on your behalf, and check which email address they would like the form sent to.
  • Start gathering writing samples that you might use for your official writing sample.
  • Start updating your resume/CV.

This program does not require GRE scores. A cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or the equivalent for international applicants, is required for admission to the PhD program.

Official Transcripts

Submit one official transcript from each college or university you attended. Transcripts may be sent to us by either the institution or you; however, transcripts must arrive in a sealed, official envelope. Loose or opened transcripts will not be accepted.

Please have the transcript sent directly to Arizona State University, Graduate Education at the address below.

If sending by U.S. Mail:
Arizona State University
Graduate Admission Services
PO Box 870112
Tempe, AZ 85287-0112

If sending by FedEx, DHL or UPS:
Graduate Admission Services
Arizona State University
1151 S. Forest Avenue, #SSV112
Tempe, AZ  85287-0112

You do not need to submit transcripts from Arizona State University. We will be able to access your ASU transcript directly.

All international transcripts must be submitted in the original language accompanied by an official English translation. Translations must be literal, complete versions of the originals and must be translated by a university, government official or official translation service. You may not complete your own translation.

Recommendation Forms

Recommendation forms must document academic and scholarly performance, strong social and interpersonal skills, emotional maturity, and moral character. Recommendation forms from professors or instructors who know your academic and intellectual skills are preferred. Recommendations from employers and others who know your work habits and character are also acceptable. 

At least three (3) recommendation forms are required for your application.

Keep the following criteria in mind as you consider whom to ask for a recommendation.

    • People who can comment from personal knowledge about your academic qualifications for graduate study are preferred. Ideally these recommenders are your former professors or advisors from your previous academic institutions.
    • People who can comment about your professional qualifications are acceptable recommenders if you have been out of school for a number of years. Ideally these recommenders are your former or current supervisors.
    • Family members, classmates, and friends are not acceptable recommenders.

Instructions for submission: An electronic request to your recommenders will be automatically sent when you submit your online application. Recommenders may upload their forms directly and they also have the option of attaching a letter.

Please communicate the application deadline to your recommenders so that they will have opportunity to submit their recommendation form well in advance.

Essay – Goals for Pursuit of PhD

The PhD in nursing and health care innovation is designed for scholars who wish to pursue careers as leaders in health policy, education and research. So that we can assess interest and commitment to engaging with our faculty and fellow students in these efforts, all candidates are asked to provide a personal goal statement. You must make a strong case in your personal statement about why you are interested in scholarship and research, as well as explain why you are attracted to this particular program.  Also, you must show how your background has prepared you for the Nursing & Healthcare Innovation PhD program. 

Your essay should include the following:

    • Academic and professional goals both currently and five years following the PhD in Nursing and Healthcare Innovation.
    • How the PhD will help you to achieve your goals.
    • Your proposed area of research and the fit between your interests and a faculty mentor at the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Please review the PhD faculty.

The statement should be no more than three double-spaced pages. This document should be prepared using a word processing program (not handwritten). You can upload your personal goal statement as a PDF file or as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) into the online application itself. No other file formats will be accepted into the online application.


2 Complete Your Application Online

When filling out the online Graduate Admissions Application, you will need to submit the following materials:

  • Resume/CV
  • Essay – goals for Pursuit of PhD
  • Writing sample – may include: publication (sole author), term/course paper (not to exceed 20 pages), or research sample
  • The email addresses of at least 3 recommenders – recommendation forms will be sent electronically to the recommenders once your application is paid and submitted

Please note that once your complete application is submitted, it will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates the ability to analyze, synthesize, evaluate and communicate through scholarly writing.
  • Articulates a basic/masters level knowledge of the research process.
  • Correlates personal strengths to academic and professional goals for completion of the program.
  • Demonstrates leadership through service to the community or professional organizations.
  • Demonstrates potential for leadership and innovation.

Faculty members in the program to which you are applying will make initial decisions about admissions. After faculty members review applications and conduct interviews, they make their admissions recommendations to Graduate Education, who makes the final decision.

Note that faculty members will not review your application until it is complete. We recommend that you submit your application well in advance of the deadlines to allow time for all materials, including recommendation forms and official transcripts, to arrive before the deadline.

Complete and submit your application online

Online application


3 Check Your MyASU Account

If your application is incomplete, your MyASU account will let you know which documents are missing. You may also check with the PhD Program Office at (602) 496-0930 if you would like to know if we have received a missing document. The final admission decisions will be sent from Graduate Education via email and will also be available on your MyASU account.