DNP/PhD Concurrent Enrollment

--advanced leadership for diverse health care settings

Lead health care at its highest levels as a clinician researcher, prepared with expertise and training in both research and practice.  The dual enrollment DNP/PhD degree with a concentration in adult gerontology emphasizes both advanced practice and research, preparing experts to face gerontological health challenges.  More comprehensive than a single degree, this concurrent enrollment program provides valuable career skills that add on to the traditional DNP or PhD pathway.  Graduates are prepared for a wide and robust career path of their choosing, ranging from leading nursing research to directing advanced clinical practice.  This program is ideal for anyone with at least a BSN and eager to lead meaningful contributions to the nursing profession.

  • Promote discovery, generate knowledge with purpose and apply it to successful aging health outcomes.
  • Develop advanced knowledge for primary care, clinical management and health promotion of older populations.
  • Think critically, write, analyze and conceptualize the health care challenges facing adults in a variety of settings.

Application deadline – January 15, 2020

Compare these two programs and see how a concurrent DNP/PhD degree can help you fulfill your career goals.

 For more information on this program, please contact:

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  2. Susan Draughn - Executive Coordinator (