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The Edson College of Nursing and Nursing Innovation is proud to be recognized for our achievements in academics and faculty members.


College Recognition

Ranked #29 for BSN in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

Ranked #56 for DNP program in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

Ranked #51 for MSN program in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

Ranked #46 in Most Social Media Friendly Nursing Schools in the country by GraduateNursingEDU.org

2015 American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Exemplary Academic-Practice Partnership Award for partnership with Mayo Clinic. 


Individual Recognition


National Faculty Awards

Doody's Review Service Perfect Score - 100 points / 5-star review

Leadership in Nursing Practice, Second Edition
Kathy Malloch, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN

Fulbright Senior Scholar

Pauline Komnenich, 1999

Fulbright Scholar

Kelly Davis, 2023
Elisabeth Reifsnider, 2019

Rosalynn Carter National Leadership Award in Caregiving

David Coon, 2013

Ruth B. Freeman Award from American Public Health Association

Elizabeth Reifsnider, 2013

Gerontological Society of America

Molly Maxwell, 2022
Fang Yu, 2015
Ross Andel, 2010
David Coon, 2007

National Urban League

Fiorella Carlos Chavez, 2020

American Psychological Association

Kelly Davis, 2018

American Heart Association

Julie Fleury, 2001

RAND Summer Institute of Aging

Hannah Giasson, 2016

American College of Sports Medicine

Rodney Joseph, 2020

Society of Behavioral Medicine

Shelby Langer, 2017
Rebecca Lee, 2009

Horn Foundation - Horn Faculty Fellow

Barret Michalec, 2017


National Faculty Nursing Awards

American Academy of Nursing Living Legend

Barbara Durand, 2014 (Dean Emerita) 

American Academy of Nursing Fellows (FAAN)

Heather Ross, 2023
Johannah Uriri-Glover, 2021
Judith Karshmer, 2015
Katherine Kenny, 2015
Nelma Shearer, 2013 (Emeritus faculty)
Shannon Dirksen, 2012 (Emeritus faculty)
Debra Hagler, 2012
Marianne McCarthy, 2012 (Emeritus faculty)
Cheryl Schmidt, 2012
Colleen Keller, 2011 (Emeritus faculty)
Denise Link, 2011 (Emeritus faculty)
Elizabeth Reifsnider, 2011
Bronwynne Evans, 2010 (Emeritus faculty)
Carol Baldwin, 2009 (Emeritus faculty)
Kathy Malloch, 2004 (Professor of Practice)
Susan Mattson, 2004 (Emeritus faculty)
Karen Marek, 2001  (In memoriam)
Julie Fleury, 1998
Gerri Lamb, 1993
Barbara Durand, 1981 (Dean Emerita) 

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Fellows (FAANP)

Angela Chia-Chen Chen, 2023
Melanie Brewer, 2014 (Alum)
Charlotte Thrall, 2018 (Alum)
Judith O'Haver, 2017 (Alum)
Heather Ross, 2017
Diana Jacobson, 2015 (Emeritus faculty and Alum)
Elizabeth Reifsnider, 2014
Katherine Kenny, 2013
Denise Link, 2013
Marianne McCarthy, 2012 (Emeritus faculty)
Carol Moffett, 2012
Evelyn Cesarotti, 2011 (Emeritus faculty)
Donna Velasquez, 2008 (Alum)

National Academies of Practice Fellows (FNAP)

Margaret Yancy, 2015 (Emeritus)
Diane Nunez, 2014
Marianne McCarthy, 2010 (Emeritus)
Colleen Keller, 2006 (Emeritus)
Denise Link, 2005 (Emeritus) 

NLN Academy of Nursing Education Fellows (ANEF)

Karen Saewert, 2010
Debra Hagler, 2009
Bronwynne Evans, 2007 (Emeritus)
Cheryl Schmidt

Western Academy of Nurses (WAN)

Pauline Komnenich, 2018
Elizabeth Reifsnider, 2018 
Bronwynne Evans, 2015 (Emeritus)
Donna Velasquez, 2014 (Retired) 
Shannon Dirksen, 2010 (Emeritus)
Gerri Lamb, 2005
Susan Mattson, 2004 (Emeritus)

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nursing Fellows

Teri Pipe, 2014  

Sigma Theta Tau - Virginia Henderson Fellow

Pauline Komnenich, 2009

American Journal of Nursing (AJN) Book of the Year

Shannon Dirksen, 2014, 2007
Carol Baldwin, 2013, 2011
Julie Fleury, 2012
Denise Link, 2011
Kathleen Malloch, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2005
Johannah Uriri-Glover, 2008