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Simulation Lab

The simulation lab here at the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation is formally known as the Simulation and Learning Resources. It is part of the Grace Center for Innovation in Nursing Education.

The Grace Center for Innovation in Nursing Education houses Edson College Simulation and Learning Resources, known as the SLR. The SLR provides simulation and clinical lab experiences to pre-licensure, Post Baccalaureate, and Doctorate Nurse Practitioner nursing programs. They also provide Nutrition programs and other health care practitioners with interprofessional simulation experiences. Simulations are run by experienced, registered nurses (Simulation Nurse Specialists) who are clinical experts and have developed specialized simulation expertise. The Simulation Nurse Specialists and faculty collaborate in simulations to provide support to students in developing clinical decision making skills and reflective practice. Students are exposed to different scenarios in a safe learning environment.


The facility includes three simulation suites catering to Adult Health, Complex Care, Pediatrics, Labor & Delivery. There is a sixteen-bed health assessment lab and six clinical skills labs that students use to practice physical exam and psychomotor skills. Students have access to the Virtual SLR, which provides video demonstration, on-line learning modules, and skill performance checklists. A fifty computer study space with resources available to check out is provided through the Computer Library Commons.

Educational Simulation Program

The SLR Simulation Program provides a safe learning environment for students to practice and master nursing care. It features:

  • Over fifteen simulated patients to challenge students at all levels of the program
  • Opportunities to make clinical decisions and experience the results of those decisions
  • Experiences that develop communication and leadership skills.
  • Video review of students’ nursing performance with peers and faculty during guided reflection and later independently

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Students are encouraged to bring their best to each learning encounter to make it uniquely their own.

Clinical Labs

The Clinical Labs at the SLR provide an opportunity for experiential hands-on practice. This is provided through formal classes, scheduled practice times, and open lab sessions. Students can practice independently with their own disposable supplies; models and other medical equipment are provided. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, practice of medication administration, injections, health assessment, IV starts, CL dressing change, and foley catheter insertion. Simulation Nurse Specialist is often available to assist with practice. Faculty can also refer students for practice of specific skills.

Note: The Simulation and Clinical Labs are not latex free but latex is minimized as possible.

Computer Library Commons

The Computer Library Commons (CLC) offers a variety of opportunities to assist students be successful in their nursing program.

Students have access to the Internet, email, web enhanced courses, and a variety of educational software.

  • 50 computers with Microsoft Office software and Internet access.
  • Online media, learning modules and other materials are available.
  • A computer lab is available offering a variety of opportunities to assist students be successful in their nursing program. Students have access to the Internet, e-mail, web enhanced courses and a variety of educational software.
  • Pay for print services (black and white or color) are available in the computer lab and may also be used with Windows personal computers.

Get Involved

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Map | Locating SLR

Below is a map to get to the SLR, which is located in the downtown Mercardo building.