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Working for the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation means being part of a place that believes strongly in ASU's goals of being a comprehensive knowledge enterprise dedicated to the simultaneous pursuit of excellence, broad access to quality education and meaningful societal impact. Whether you are involved in research, simulation, instructing or advising students, HR, finance or the like, Edson College can provide a fulfilling career experience. 

Employment listings for Tenure and clinical-track faculty, instructors, faculty associates, post-doctoral scholars, can be found on the Faculty Employment page. Staff jobs can be found at Careers@ASU. Student worker positions are available at ASU Student Employment Programs and ASU Career Services.

We invite you to explore the positions currently available as well as to hear from some of our current employees and students. 


Dawn Augusta, clinical associate professor
"When I joined Team ASU years ago- I felt as if joined some super-network like Google!  What I love most about serving on this team is the shared value and commitment to collaboration.  Here at innovation's core I find a community of collaborators swirling in the coils of creative space, lingering in the iterative place of imagination and novel design.  Expect to connect in unexpected ways here at Team ASU- together discovering new frontiers in higher education!"
Dawn Augusta
 Michael Todd, research professor
"For a life-long learner, the Edson College is a great place to be. Being a member of several broadly multidisciplinary research teams has given me opportunities to see how drawing on ideas and methods from different fields gives rise to exciting and innovative approaches to understanding and promoting pathways to improved health. If I had to pick my single favorite aspect of working at the Edson College it would be the collaborative and supportive environment that has allowed and encouraged me to continue to grow as a scientist and mentor."
Michael Todd


Dani Stringer, 2010
"There’s always going to be a need for innovation in health care because health care is solving problems to benefit people’s lives.  ASU really instilled that in me from the beginning.  So I walked out of ASU and started helping patients with the idea that innovation is the future and that my ideas are important and my patients need this.  Innovation takes a lot of bravery to come up with new solutions.  You’re going to get resistance but it’s absolutely worth it, because in the end there are people who need your solutions and your innovations."
Dani Stringer
Amber Poleviyuma, 2017
"Coming to ASU definitely widened my view of what health is.  Community reminds me of home.  I grew up on the Hopi reservation.  So when I think of health, it’s not just physical health, it’s about holistic health and being healthy in what you do and how you are.  Something that initially drew me into health was the communication between the providers, patients and their families, especially with native people.  I feel like it’s not only my obligation by my passion to be an advocate or someone who can be able to utilize my skills for my community."


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